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LED 360 degree tube

Time:2022-06-28 Views:287
The theme of this activity uses 2m LED 360 degree Tube as the main vision, which are perpendicular to both sides of the ground to form a hollow aisle. At the bottom, LED 360 degree tube are fixed by a tripod, which is stable, firm, simple and convenient. Each color tube with the same interval equidistant arrangement, the use of T-shaped line series color tube can ensure that each color tube signal to complete the connection, with Artnet controller and Madrix lighting effect to complete the lighting effect programming and control; At the same time, it also supports access to MA console to complete the programming and control of lighting effects;
LED 360 degree Tube 360° light without dark area, simple and convenient installation, support Artnet software and DMX console control, bright and soft lighting, suitable for exhibitions, stage design and other high-end exhibition places.

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