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Shenzhen JIAANDA Optoelectronic Co., Ltd, established in 2013 in Shenzhen China, is a professional and strong LED pixel strip manufacturer. Our company is the research, development,
production, sale and service of LED digital strip, LED stage bar,LED lamp beads.  3D vertical tube, 360 degree tube , neon pixels strip and artnet controller system for applying in door & outdoor
building, stage lighting and landscape decoration. Our company has attained  CE& ROSH Certification, and Own Brand patent etc.
Currently we own a series of automatic machines, including  automatic LED die bonder, automatic LED wire bonder, super
high speed chip mounters, reflow soldering systems,automatic welding machines, automatic glue pouring machines.
Our products are made under the control of high-quality system.and our production processes stick to high quality standards.
Our products win high reputation in the LED industry through all Europe, North & South America,Asia Pacific regions and the
other worldwide markets.  
We have a strong engineer team and after sales service to give you technical guidance and provide you with a complete proposal for supporting your ODM project. We also have a trained QC team to ensure the quality of all products.

Factory environment:

We always focus on high quality led products:

一、LED stage tube。
1.SK6812RGB-24V individually addressable, LED video strip.The combination of fittings and extension lines can realize the combination of arbitrary shapes, and the splicing is simple, which greatly shortens the construction time.
2.360 degree LED tube ,This pixel LED tube and connecting accessories are widely used in stages, parks, KTV bars and various performance places. At the same time, it can also be used in various places with LED lifting  and 360-degree rotation.

二、Digital led light。
1.IC Built_in led:APA102C,WS2812B,SK6812,SK9822,
Individually addressable led tape:DC5V 2.Series,WS2812B/SK6812/WS2813/SK9822,RGB/RGBW/WWA/W color
3.Programmable Video led strip:DC12V Series, SK6813,WS2815,GS8208,LC8808, Individual-control,RGB Color,Break-point signal continuous transmission
4.Projects digital led tape DC12V Series, WS2818/WS2801/LPD8806/WS2811/UCS1903/SM16703, RGB/Single color
5.Economic type digital led strip:DC24V Series, WS2811/UCS1903/SM16073, RGB/Single color
6.Projects pixel led tape DC24V UCS1903 SM16703 RGB/Single color,24V SM16704,UCS2904 RGBW
7.Projects DMX led tape DC5/12/24V RGB/RGBW/Single color
8.Addressable led matrix and Neon led Flex series with varieties of IC protocol. 
9.12V/24V Each led addressable series: 12V SK6812 RGB/RGBW , 24V SK6812 RGB/RGBW/WWA/White
Pixel led tape with supper long length without voltage-drop: 10M/Reel,15M/Reel,20M/Reel etc
三、Analog led light
COB led tape series,Variable white CCT Series,sideview RGB series,sideview white color series,RGBW Series ,RGB+CCT Series.
High efficient led tape:3 years warranty,140lum/w
CC led strip series:Constant current super long led strip without voltage drop
SMD2835 led tape: economic and high lumen flux output, 2200K to 10000k Kevin
SMD5050 led tape: SMD5050RGB(3in1)/SMD5050RGBW(4in1)/SMD5050RGBWW(5in1) and Single color
SMD5630 led tape: samsung Brand led, super brightness,low heat,long life.
SMD3014 led tape series,Variable white CCT Series,sideview RGB series,sideview white color series.
CRI80+,CRI90+,CR95+ led tape light
SMD2835 High light efficiency series: 150Lm/m, 170Lm/m,190Lm/m

Devote to best quality and service customer all over the world.

Whatsapp: +86-159-1978-3235

QQ: 403972952

Email: Sales@jad-leds.com

Address: 3th Floor, Building C, No. 47, Baoshi East Road, Shuitian Community, Shiyan Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen.

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