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LED addressable matrix

 SK9822 LED Digital Flexible Matrix
  •  SK9822 LED Digital Flexible Matrix
  •  SK9822 LED Digital Flexible Matrix

SK9822 LED Digital Flexible Matrix

1.Pixels flexible led matrix display
2.Model Number:JAD-SK9822-256P
3.Size: 80*320mm; 160*160mm
4.Led Qty:Each LED is 1 Pixel
7.IC Chip: SK9822
8.IP Rate:IP20 (Non-waterproof)
9.PCB Color:Black PCB
10.LED Singal:SPI
11.View Angle:120°
12.Connector:4 Pin JST female and male connectors
13.Warranty:2 years
    1. Individually addressable RGB LEDs ( 16*16 ;8*32  pixels) 
    2. 24- bit color control (8- bit PWM per channel); 16.8 million colors per pixel
    3. Additional color - independent brightness control (5- bit PW M); 256brightness steps per pixel
    4. White PCB/Black PCB available. 
    5. Kinds of Size,Flexible PCB.
    6. Each LED Matrix draws approximately 8A at full brightness
    7.  160/80 mm width (8 /16LEDs) Pitch : P10mm
    8. Flexible, bendable IP20 rating
    9. RGB/3000k/4000k/6000k Available
    10. Power/data connectors on both strip ends for easy chaining
    11. Controller System:Arduino Microcontroller , SD Controller,DMX controller , Artnet.

    SPI signal: LED Matrix+LED power supply +LED controller
    DMX control: LED Matrix+LED power supply+DMX Controller+DMX decoder
    LED controller: T- series SD card controller, RF remote controller, DMX controller, Arduino . ..
    (offline / PC online)
    LED power supply: Mean well power supply, T- series, A- series power supply...
    (waterproof / non-waterproof)
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