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LED Pixel bar

Time:2022-07-11 Views:101
LED pixel bar stage style

LED pixel bar are used in the performance scene. The LED pixel bar are matched with brackets to complete the modeling and construction. The transmission distance between the pixel bar is extended by extension lines. The waterproof plugs are connected in series, and the signal transmission is stable. The brackets are built to complete the shape of pixel bar of different heights. With the lighting and music, the overall shape is scattered and beautiful, which is consistent with the style of the dance; the hollow brackets can be used to hide cables and beautify the shape;

The LED pixel bar has soft lighting, which can be used with Artnet controller and Artnet lighting software such as Madrix to complete the layout of the on-site lighting effect, and can also be connected to the MA console to complete the control;
The LED pixel bar has soft and beautiful lighting, easy connection, various accessories, rich and changeable building shapes, suitable for various scenes, and outstanding lighting effects, which have become an indispensable part of the performance!

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