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DC12V Pixles LED Strip

SK6813 built in led strip
  • SK6813 built in led strip
  • SK6813 built in led strip
  • SK6813 built in led strip
  • SK6813 built in led strip
  • SK6813 built in led strip

SK6813 built in led strip

IC type :SK6813 IC
Gray level: 256
View angle: 120°
Input voltage: DC12V
Color: full color 12-bit
FPCB board color: White/Black
Model: SK6813 strip 5050rgb chips
Storage Temperature:-55-+150 °C
Operating Temperature:-40 ~ +85°C
Led Qty: RGB SMD 5050 per meter
Wave length(nm):Red,650nm ; Green,520nm ; Blue,460nm
Waterproof level: IP30 no waterproof
Power:  0.3W/LED; 30/ 60/96/144leds/m----9/18/28/43watt/meter
FPC Width: 10/10/12/12mm
Protection rate :IP30/ IP65 /IP67
Colors: Full color RGB, dream color changing; 
Cuttable:every LED is cuttable; 
    1, SK6813 chip built-in 7805, it can withstand the input voltage 9V-15V, operating voltage 12V.
    2, Provide output channel current misalignment that can reduce electromagnetic interference and power clutter.
    3, the chip has power-on protection and power-down protection features to enhance the life of the chip.
    4, SK6813 provides SOP8 package type, working environment is between -40 °C to +85 °C.
    5, Breakpoint continuous transmission function, single point chip damage or capacitor short circuit does not affect data transmission
    6, Every each LED individually and you could set them to any color or animation you want.
    7, It comes with self-adhesive 3M tape on its back, so you can fix it on any dry and flat surface without any screws and clips.
    8, It comes with 4-pin JST SM connectors and separated power/ground wires on both ends, which makes it easy to hook up each other and wire up for power.
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